Water as a resource 

Water is without doubt one of the most precious resources on our planet. The access to the safe water is one of the major societal challenges and is only increasing as a consequence of climate change and global warming. On the other hand, consumption of water for human activities also puts considerable pressure on ground and surface water resources and can lead to a decrease in water resources and the quality of water available for humans and nature.

When it comes to Flanders, water availability is already low due to a combination of high population density and a relatively limited presence of surface and groundwater. This is exacerbated by extreme weather conditions and droughts that became very common in recent years. Within industry, the chemical sector has the largest share of total industrial water consumption (also excluding cooling water). As Flanders hosts one of the biggest chemical clusters in the world, this is increasing the pressure on already vulnerable water sources. The Flemish government has therefore decided to invest in new solutions and actions for the water problematic through the Blue Deal. The aim of the Blue Deal is to support new initiatives that enable and encourage circular water use, among other activities.

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At BlueApp we provide solutions for the companies through our laboratory specialized in various chemical analyses of different products. This way, we get to know the composition of your waste stream and can provide a solution to your water-related challenge. Read further how Environmental lab can help your company. 



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