Analytical services & prototyping

Engineering - prototyping lab

BlueApp’s engineering lab provides support in designing and prototyping your circular concept. Our laboratory is situated on the ground floor of our building that extends to 80 m2 and is equipped with a broad range of equipment for engineering and 3D printing such as: sputter coater, high-resolution 3D polymer and metal printers, cold laser ablation machine and blast machine. Our focus lies on the chemical reactors and chemically resistant materials. At the University of Antwerp, we have a broad expertise in the development of novel reactor designs that are specifically tailored to the industry’s needs.

engineering labo

Environmental lab

Enviromental lab at BlueApp offers customized chemical analyses for companies with a focus on air quality measurements and water analyses. When the companies have a specific question or problem about their product, we help them come up with unique end-to-end solutions for their (bio)-chemical process but also research the cause of their issue. For this we use a different range of techniques and skills based on spectroscopy and chromatography.

With our state-of-the-art analytical instruments, we can analyze ballast water, drinking water, groundwater, surface and wastewater. We do this with different sampling strategies followed by tailored analysis of the chemical composition of water streams or research of the ecotoxicological impact of the present chemicals in ISO accredited environment. In addition, our laboratory is an enabler to test innovative water technologies at higher TRL levels. This is supported by experienced researchers at the University of Antwerp who have proven track record in different projects. Some of our past and current projects include recovery of EPSs from wastewater, PFAS analyses and NDMA analyses.

In the Environmental lab we are also able to analyze volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds in the variety of samples in different formats.