Plasma technology 

Plasma is often referred to as the fourth state of matter next to liquid, gas and solid. Plasma technology works on the principle that matter changes its state when energy is supplied to it. When enough energy is supplied to gas, it is ionized and goes into the energy-rich plasma state. Plasma technology is very promising as an energy-efficient alternative to the existing classical conversion methods, because the splitting of the inert molecules is initiated by energetic electrons present in the plasma. 

Today, this technology has been used in a wide range of industries ranging from microelectronics, packaging, automotive industry to medical devices industry for various purposes such as synthesis, processing, treatment and deposition of polymers, nano-particle structures and textile surfaces.  

As plasma uses electricity and can easily be switched on/off, it has great potential for temporary storage of excess renewable energy, which is considered as one of the major challenges for our society. This makes plasma technology one of the solutions for our dependance on fossil fuels and transition to renewable energy.

At BlueApp we draw on expertise of research group Plasmant of University of Antwerp whose core expertise is field of plasma technology. To discover more about their research, visit Plasmant .

Plasma technology

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