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In the battle against the warming of the planet, a great deal of attention is paid to converting CO₂ into raw materials for the chemical industry. One such promising technique is the CO₂-elektrolyser. A scale model of this innovation has already been developed at the University of Antwerp, and further scaling up is ongoing at Blue App. We are also investigating the best way to commercialise the electrolyser.

Waste water treatment

Every waste water treatment plant brings with it a new waste flow, namely sewage sludge. Water purification companies usually pay to have sewage sludge removed. At BlueApp, the possibilities for valorising sludge are being studied. An innovative extraction procedure is being perfected to extract EPSs (extracellular polymeric substances) from the sludge. EPSs consist primarily of polysaccharides and proteins, which means they can be used in a variety of industrial applications.