CO2 emissions

CO2 emissions are the primary cause of climate change and global warming. While CO2 is naturally present in the atmosphere as part of the Earth's carbon cycle, human activities have caused the alteration of this cycle. This results in excessive amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere that cannot be reduced by means of natural sinks such as forests and soil. Human activities that contribute to CO2 and other greenhouses gases’ emissions are mostly derived from combustions of fossil fuels for transportation, industry, electricity and land-use.  Although the consumption of fossil fuels throughout the centuries has led to improved living conditions and accumulation of prosperity, we are now faced with the challenge of a transition to a greener and circular economy.

In order to accelerate the shift towards carbon-neutral society, the European Commission has adopted the European Green Deal. This is a set of various policies and measures that strive to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 and make Europe the first climate neutral continent.

Lucht als grondstof

Carbon recycling at BlueApp 

Carbon capture and utilization (CCU) is considered to be one of the main levers to reach carbon neutrality by mid-century. Geological sequestration processes and separations are some of the processes that can minimize CO2 atmospheric concentration. Equally important are also new, economical ways of CO2 conversion into high-value-added products, which could be manufactured into chemicals and fuels. This would allow closure of the carbon cycle and accelerate full shift from linear to circular economy.

At BlueApp we house start-ups that are developing carbon management solutions and focus on the utilization of CO2 and usage of carbon as a feedstock. Our unique infrastructure and experienced expertise of University of Antwerp allows them to validate their technologies on a greater scale and leverage them for the market.


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